Harness Your Employees for Constant Innovation.

There are countless stories of that single employee, at the bottom of the org chart, who came up with an idea that changed the course of business success and history alike. How many of them do you have in your organization?

Your employees are your greatest asset. And yet many sit distanced from the executive board room with no awareness of or ability to contribute to larger issues facing your company.

Until now.

The DominoOne platform allows you to empower your entire employee base to constantly help you solve the most pressing issues facing your company.

- How do we compete with companies going virtual?
- How can we improve our development process to always be first to market?
- What ideas do we have for more creative employee incentives?
- How can we reduce our costs in customer service?
- What should the next creative marketing campaign be called?

With a DominoOne platform you can:

Empowered and engaged employees.

  • Management provides topics, employees help prioritize and solve
  • Every employee gets a verified account
  • Each employee can vote, improve, provide alternative ideas
  • Each employee can share via social platforms to drive more engagement
  • There is no open dialog, no opportunity to express negative ideals

Incentivize positive participation.

  • Employees can be rewarded based on badges or activities achieved
  • Contests and employee recognition for contributing to making the company stronger

Solve Issues Faster.

  • Executives and the employee base act as one
  • Positive-outcome solutions only
  • More brain power
  • More ideas
  • More engagement
  • More solutions that improve your company

DominoOne will accelerate your success by empowering, engaging and rewarding your employees in a way that gives them feeling of impact and appreciation. It reduces the gap between management and employees and accelerates innovation in every corner of your business.

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Engage Your Employees.
Accelerate Your Success.

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