Close the Gap Between Government and The People You Serve

Every two to four years citizens come together to listen to issues and vote for the person they think will represent them. Few listen. Fewer vote. But every one of them is affected by the political system out of their influence and control.

So they wait. They wait for the next cycle to come along to listen to the issues and vote again. And if they have an idea for improvement? They write a letter that goes nowhere. They complain in social media that only surfaces more frustrations.

And yet, there are many citizens. Your fellow citizens. That want to help. That want to engage. They may hold that creative idea to provide good for many.

This is your platform to empower the very people you represent so that they can help you understand what is important and allow them to help you achieve goals for the greater good.

With a DominoOne platform you can:

Engage Citizens Constantly and Productively.

  • Allows timed sessions to help prioritize all issues
  • Allows timed sessions to generate solutions for top issues
  • Every citizen gets a verified account
  • Each citizen can vote, improve, provide alternative ideas
  • Each citizen can share via social platforms to drive more engagement
  • There is no open dialog, no opportunity to express negative ideals
  • Each citizen receives humanity points in the greater system which drives further their participation


  • Citizen participation drives vested interest in helping to fund or co-fund specific solutions via crowdfunding or even cryptocurrency.
  • Governments can even sponsor individual actions within the system to encourage engagement and behavior.

Solve Issues Faster.

  • Politicians and citizens act as one
  • Positive-outcome solutions only
  • More brain power
  • More ideas
  • More engagement
  • More solutions that improve your region

DominoOne will accelerate your mission and bring your community together in a positive way that gives them hope, a feeling of control and a way to assist the political system that cares for their well-being.

You can change the course of history.

Learn more about DominoOne and if your organization qualifies today!

Unite Your Community.
Change History.

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