Power What Matters Most To You

The days of having to choose a single impact organization are over as are the days of not knowing if your donation created change. DominoOne’s incentivized donationTM capability lets you choose the cause and then deploys your gift in a way that unites others into action and delivers innovative solutions needed in this world.

1 Select An Amount.

Simply choose any amount in traditional currency or BTC.

2 Target A Cause.

Whether “Saving Rhinos”, “Reducing Hunger” or anything in between, simply type what matters to you and then select the matching organizations you want to benefit from your gift.

3 Move Others. Create Change.

Once activated, global citizens attached to those impact organizations will receive notice that their next vote, share or ideas will earn their impact organization more funds.

4 Review Your Impact Report.

We’re happy to show you exactly how many people you impacted, the number of votes and ideas, improvements and alternatives. Our Impact ReportTM will show you which organizations are benefiting from your gift.

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