Engage. Solve. Fund. Repeat.

This is what you’ve been waiting for. A platform that receives constant engagement participation from your member base, helps you achieve your mission faster and then funds those initiatives so that you can have a greater impact.

It also can help you recruit new already-sympathetic members with exposure inside of a greater ecosystem.

We understand you’re charged with the responsibility to deploy resources in order to deliver a maximum positive impact and more social good for nature and humanity. We also understand the competition for active members, donations and sponsors is at an all-time high.

You are not alone.

With a DominoOne platform you can:

Drive More Engagement. Year Round.

  • Allows timed sessions to help prioritize issues and actively solve them
  • Every member gets a verified account
  • Each member can vote, improve, provide alternative ideas
  • Each member can share via social platforms to drive new member growth
  • Each member receives humanity points in the greater system which drives further their participation

Deliver More Volunteers and Funding.

  • Member participation drives vested interest in helping to fund or co-fund solutions via crowdfunding or even cryptocurrency
  • Sponsors can match funds, reward behavior (engagement) and more
  • Reward members even when providing you with traditional donations

Solve Issues Faster.

  • More brain power
  • More members
  • More activity
  • More funding sources
  • More solutions that matter

DominoOne will accelerate your mission and unite your community.

Engage. Solve. Fund. Repeat.

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Find out if you qualify for a FREE DominOne platform!

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